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Important28 February 2019 13:50

Sergiu Sirbu filed a referral to the Constitutional Court: There is an immediate risk of forming a vacuum of power and a parliamentary blockade

The democrat deputy Sergiu Sirbu filed a referral to the Constitutional Court. The Parliament urges the High Court to expose itself to the powers of the Government in the case of a parliamentary blockade.

As TRIBUNA informs, according to the document published by www.zdg.md , “There is an immediate risk of forming a vacuum of power and a parliamentary blockade,” the Court is urgently required to examine the referral.

Thus, the Constitutional Court must react if:

  1. The continuation of an institutional parliamentary blockade is admitted and a vacuum of long-standing power in the case of the resignation of the Government asa result of the validation of the new Parliament, the impossibility of forming the parliamentary majority, the impossibility to form the Government, which led to early parliamentary elections?
  2. A Government-in-Office is required to take all necessary steps to ensure the continuity of power, ensure economic and financial security, ensure the national security and defence capability of the country in case of blockage of parliamentary activity and through constitutional mechanisms?
  3.  Can the Government in office, in the case of a vacuum for the legislative power, issue normative acts included in the field of regulation of ordinary and organic laws in order to ensure the continuity of power, ensuring the economic and financial security, ensuring national security and defence capacity country? “.

We remind you that the parliamentary elections took place on 24 February. According to the results, the new Parliament would be created by the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, the Electoral Bloc NOW – Platform DA and PAS, the Democratic Party of Moldova, the Șor Party and 3 independent candidates.

Cristina Pendea

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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