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Breaking news27 February 2020 10:30

PRO MOLDOVA local team threatened and blackmailed to give up parliamentary group

The PRO MOLDOVA parliamentary group held a press briefing in Parliament. According to Andrian Candu, the group will make some steps to cope with current problems facing Moldova. The first is about coronavirus after Romania detects the first virus infection. 

The second step is an invitation related to tariffs and thermal energy after the residents of Chisinau awoke with exorbitant prices in January.

Eleonora Graur: My colleagues in Rezina are under pressure. Especially the local team I lead. The members of the local organization who wanted to follow me and left the PDM. It’s their will.

Immediately they were blackmailed and threatened, intimidated to give up PRO MOLDOVA. Their families are threatened as well.

I was also blackmailed to return to the PDM. After these threats I am even stronger to follow the path I have chosen. We are on the right path.

Please stop intimidating the Rezina territorial team. Let people choose their lives. With pressure and blackmail you will can’t make a team. Unless you stop, I will speak up again and publicize your names.

We call on the diplomatic corps accredited to Chisinau to take note of this information and according to the functional competences and the diplomatic customs to intervene with the PDM decision-makers to cease the pressure on the members of the territory only because they have a different vision than the leadership of the party.

Dear Rezina colleagues, I have always been with you. Do not be fooled, and we will use all legal means to protect you from this so-called democrat.



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