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Breaking news6 February 2019 11:45

Speaker of the Parliament explains why  Marian Lupu isn't in the electoral lists of the PDM and if the position of the president of the Court of Accounts was reserved for him!

Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu commented today at a press conference why the ex-PDM President, Marian Lupu, now vice-president, is not on any electoral list of the party, and if the position of the CCRM president was reserved for him!

As TRIBUNA informs, Andrian Candu said it is the decision of his party colleagues.

‘’It is the decision of the PDM National Political Council. This is the beauty of a team and a party, that’s why PDM resisted, being the oldest party in the Republic of Moldova because it knew how to do it in order to have a succession of generations. It was the generation of Mr. Diacov, Mr. Lupu, now is another generation of the PDM party, this is the true beauty of a team. PDM will exist for many years because every time it can attract the best people, the best generations. Every politician has his time, and what will do Mr. Lupu in the future, if we refer to the CCRM, even today, the commission is conducting the contest. Let’s see what they decide on and according to this, the Parliament will already decide. Every politician has certain periods, there are moments when some people take a break in their political activity. I am sure that good people, devoted to a team, can always come back, even at the head of a party or institution. PDM is a good team, members are able to assume any responsibility, “Candu said.

Candu also said that when you delegate a person in a position at an institution does not mean that the person is completely detached from the team. “But it also depends on the institution, as far as it is independent, politically affiliated,” Candu said.

Andriana Cheptine

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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