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Important25 March 2019 10:00

Mr prime minister, are you thinking of a new term? Premier Filip reveals details from the backstage of PDM!

Prime Minister Pavel Filip claims he can certainly say that he has never dreamed of becoming a prime minister, as he did not dream of being a minister. Thus , the Democrat replied in an interview for Prime TV “Primele Știri “, being asked – if, when he accepted the proposal to become a Premier and form a governmental team, to develop a government program, what motivated him to assume this responsibility, but also if he has executed a party mission or always dreamed of , wanted to become the head of the Executive , given that political ambitions are healthy.

As  TRIBUNA informs, referring to the quoted source, Pavel Filip stated that it is very important to do your job well, where you are, because, certainly, when he started to work as a mechanical engineer in an enterprise, did not dream of becoming the director of this enterprise.

“And by the way, I can open a secret: you never have to focus on career or business, but you have to do your job well where you are. Otherwise, things come of their own accord. That’s why, with certainty, that I coveted to this position, I said I never coveted any other functions, but that was the challenge of the moment then, I accepted this challenge, because I had a very strong team around me, the Democratic Party team, which provided me with strong parliamentary support during her term. We had a parliamentary majority that supported this government and then the conclusion was: very simple. I was never afraid of working. It is very important to have this parliamentary support and, as you can see, we have managed to do something in this period, “the Democrat said.

At the same time, being asked if he is thinking of a new term, Pavel Filip said that is part of the Democratic Party and they have not even discussed the new Premier.

“There are more important things to do with the creation of a parliamentary majority. For us, those in this political formation, it is less important who and what function they are, because a prime minister cannot solve anything alone. Things can be solved in a team. And, here, for us, the whole team is important, where all issues are discussed, where we come and discuss possible strategies. That’s why we did not speak, and only the good God knows how it will be further, “Philip concluded.

Andriana Cheptine

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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