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Breaking news10 June 2019 12:13

Pavel Filip demands to ensure functionality of public institutions

Prime Minister Pavel Filip requested to ensure the normal activity of the public institutions on the basis of the Constitution and the country’s laws so that the citizens are not affected by the political crisis. He made such a request in a meeting with ministers, secretaries of state, chiefs of agencies and public institutions on June 10, IPN reports.

According to the Government’s press service, the Constitutional Court on June 7 ruled that the time limit for forming the Government expired and the President was obliged to dissolve Parliament. As President Igor Dodon refused to fulfil his constitutional duties, the Court ascertained the circumstances that justify the dissolution of Parliament and decided that the decree to dissolve the legislative body and to hold snap parliamentary elections will be signed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip as interim President. This way, Pavel Filip on June 9 signed the decree to hold the elections on September 6.

Also, the Constitutional Court declared the President’s June 8 decrees to appoint the Prime Minister and to form the Government and the June 8 decision by the Parliament of the tenth legislature concerning the election of the Speaker unconstitutional.



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