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Breaking news21 March 2019 13:10

MPs convened in founding meeting of new parliament

The parliament of the 10th legislative period today convened in a founding meeting.

Upon entering the legislature, the new MPs have got two state signs and the Constitution.

The meeting started with the traditional anthem of Moldova and is chaired by oldest Socialist MP Eduard Smirnov, who will be 80 years this year.

At the first meeting, President of the Constitutional Court Mihai Poalelungi unveiled a report on the results of parliamentary elections and validation of the mandates of elected MPs. The leadership of the Central Electoral Commission and President Igor Dodon will deliver speeches before MPs.

Parliament is considered legally set up since foundation meeting.

After the legal establishment of parliament, parliament speaker, deputy-heads shall be elected, and parliament standing bureau shall be formed. Within 10 days of the first meeting, the parliamentary factions will be formed, operating under their own regulations.

The first parliamentary meeting has been marked by protests organized by supporters of ACUM bloc.



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