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Breaking news27 September 2016 16:00

Valeriu Giletski: There are no equitable rules for all candidates

The process of selecting candidates for the presidency is sophisticated and unjustified, aspirant for the office of President, unaffiliated MP Valeriu Giletski stated in the program “Pahomi” on Realitatea TV channel, IPN reports.

“There are no equitable and fair rules for all the electoral competitors. The procedure for selecting candidates for President is antidemocratic and does not allow the people to state their option,” said Giletski.

The MP noted that those who run independently are discriminated in the parliamentary elections as well. “The election threshold for all the independent candidates is of 3%. But no independent ever reached it. At most 2% was attained. Let’s imagine that the election threshold is of 2% and about 30 independent candidates poll by 2% of the vote. In such a case, some of the parties will be unable to come to power,” he stated.

Valeriu Giletski considers this problem is within the competence of the Constitutional Court. “The Central Election Commission is an instrument for implementing the law, while the Constitutional Court is a referee,” he said.

Earlier, potential independent candidates Vasile Tarlev and Vadim Branzan also said that the electoral law discriminates against the independents.



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