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Important2 May 2019 11:00

Ilan Shor put into operation another section of reconstructed road at Orhei

The Shor Party claims that the entrance to Orhei is unrecognizable.

As TRINUNA informs, according to a press release ,new pavement, changed curbs, new road markings, trees and shrubs – all these are part of the road modernization and repair program, an initiative launched by the president of the Political Party “SHOR”, Ilan Shor.

“He plans to modernize all roads in Orhei by the end of this year.The celebration was attended by dozens of inhabitants of Orhei, who welcomed officials with bread and salt, but also with many words of praise and thanks ’’, is mentioned in the press release .

Ilan Shor, the current interim mayor of Orhei, Diana Memet and the head of the Orhei Housing Services Directorate, Valeriu Oprea, were those who symbolically cut the ribbon in the applause of Orhei dwellers.

“Modernizing the entrance to Orhei is another proof that the city is the most developed and beautiful locality in the Republic of Moldova”, declared Ilan Shor in his short speech. He emphasized that it is through such actions that the politicians must be highlighted, but not by much statements and talk.

”We always thought that the entrance to Orhei must be the most beautiful because it is our face. Dear friends, today, once again, we demonstrate that the city of Orhei is the most beautiful and developed city in the whole country. I think that just talking about politics, you cannot rebuild and develop our dear Moldova. I said for several times and I’ll repeat myself, while everyone is chatting, we will continue to work, to improve people’s living conditions”, mentioned the deputy Ilan Shor.

“Orhei City Hall has once again demonstrated that it is based on facts and not words. The works were made from the City Hall’s own sources and are executed at the highest level” said the interim mayor, Diana Memet.

”We have repaired many roads during this period, and the entrance to Orhei remained due for this spring. It’s a very important part of our city. That is why we have kept the performance of works to the highest level”, according to Diana Memet.

The big beneficiaries of the project are the nearby inhabitants, who until recently had not dreamed of a renovated road. „It’s something beautiful, and we would like such works to be performed across the country, so that people in the country will not cause a ruckus from it, but everywhere to be beautiful”, mentioned an inhabitant from Orhei.

It is worth mentioning that the modernized portion of the road is 400 meters long.

“Here, the workers have layed asphalt in two layers and rehabilitated over 3,000 meters of roadside and curb sidewalks. About 190 tons of asphalt and 55 tons of gravel were used for these works. More than 150 workers were involved in this infrastructure project.Soon the construction of an aqueduct, as well as the sewerage system for the inhabitants of this neighborhood will be completed.The infrastructure projects in Orhei municipality were launched in 2015, shortly after Ilan Shor and his team took over the city administration. At the initiative of the former mayor, the City Hall started, for the first time for the entire country, the reconstruction of streets with their own forces and resources. This approach allows local authorities to ensure better work quality and optimize spending, and from saved money to carry out other infrastructure projects. For the next period, local authorities plan to start repairing of Eliberarii, Miron Costin, Sciusev and Dorobanti Streets”, is mentioned in the press release .

Cristina Pendea


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