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Exclusive1 April 2019 10:00

The issues for which all parliamentary parties could make a joint front

In a political analysis, Dumitru Spătaru refers to the issues for which all parliamentary parties could make a joint front.

Certainly, a problem that could unite all the parties in the new Parliament is to stop the massive exodus of the population and create the conditions for our citizens to come home. I do not think the new Legislative will find even a deputy who does not support a well-thought legislative package, which would include real solutions to this. In fact, if someone would vote against or abstain from voting on such an important issue, they simply will not be understood by the voters and would seriously risk their political future.

In his opinion, another problem that could unite all the parties in the Parliament would be a national mega program for the recovery of the situation of the villages in the Republic of Moldova. Those “die” and if no urgent action is taken, Moldova will remain without villages in maximum 10-15 years. The solution of this problem can be approached in complex with the one mentioned above, although it is much more complex, the saving of the villages of Moldova is not only about the return of citizens from abroad. Here we need new measures to stimulate the development of agriculture, projects of infrastructure, rural programs with a slight industrial tinge, etc.

According to the author, another problem that some of the parties in the new Parliament might have might be a broad industrialization program at the national level. For almost three decades industrialization has been approached fragmentarily or “on its own” by some enthusiasts, which is not normal. As long as there is no clear conception in this respect, which would show where we start, where we want to go and what we need to do for it, the situation will not change. And without a professional approach to this area of greatest importance, the economy of the country has no future.

Note: The full version of the political analysis can be accessed here.

Cristina Pendea

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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