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Exclusive11 February 2019 06:30

Anatol Taranu said how prepared were the main electoral contestants to these elections

In an interview for TRIBUNA portal, the well-known political analyst Anatol Taranu spoke about how prepared were the main electoral contestants to these elections and who did their homework well.

„We have three incontestable favourites in this electoral contest – the Socialists, the PD and the electoral bloc NOW. Socialists have the best electoral result. Their task is to not commit major mistakes in favour of the main electoral contestants – the Communists Party, the Our Party, the Shor and the PD Party. The Socialists launched themselves in the campaign, being well politically trained, with a major geopolitical capital, with appreciable media support and with lack of material and financial resources. The electoral bases of the socialists are voluminous, being represented by national minorities, with some insignificant exceptions, but also by a large number of followers of primitive Moldovenism – all together embracing the eastern geopolitical option.

Unlike the socialists, the Democratic Party, as a governing party, faces much greater difficulties at the electoral level. The geopolitical electoral capital of the PD Party is considerably destroyed by the pro-European opposition, plus the oligarchic force. And in the doctrinal plane, PD can hardly be appreciated as a party with a clear ideology. The power of the PD consists of the impressive administrative, material and media resources. The Party of Plahotniuc cannot win the election, but it can record enough results to control the future government. The main objective of the PD is to prevent the Socialists from accumulating a number of mandates in Parliament that would make them a dominant force.

Regarding the Electoral Bloc NOW, he missed the chance to be the only pro-European opposition force, even if he is well appreciated on this electoral segment. The main rate of ACUM is represented by the unionists, who have not been able to generate a consolidated electoral project. The dramatic destruction of the pro-European and unionist flank equals their absence in the future government action’’, said Taranu.

Cristina Pendea

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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