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Breaking news23 November 2018 14:45

Pavel Filip in Cahul: We don't make promises before the elections. We worked hard to implement these reforms

Pavel Filip and the Cabinet of Ministers have been in Cahul today. There, they discussed with the local public authorities about the main problems of the district.

“In these 27 years, many problems occurred. Our target is to solve these. We started with the ones regarding the pensions and the lack of doctors and teachers in villages”, said Pavel Filip, the prime minister of Moldova.

In this context, Pavel Filip reffered to the reforms of the Government that will solve these problems: the fiscal reform, the one of the customs service, pensions reform and so on. This year, the incomes of the country raised by 2 billion lei.

Thus, the Government had the possibility to make social investments in such projects as “First House” and “Good Roads for Moldova”. At the same time, recently, the reform regarding the salaries for the state workers will be changed.-

“These are not only promises. We worked a lot to implement these reforms”, said Pavel Filip.

Also, the prime minister mentioned that some reforms will be implemented in justice field.

Within the discussions, there were targeted many problems: the lack of roads’ infrastructure, the necessity to renovate the kindergartens, the lack of finantation in schools. Especially, they talked about the security of using gas ballons. All these problems will be discussed within the Goverment, in order to be solved.



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