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Breaking news2 November 2018 15:19

Moldovan PM says governance's responsibility is to work

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has invited local authorities of the northern Sangerei district to an open dialogue. “I want a pragmatic and responsible approach. I want to be responsible for what I and my colleagues have done. Most problems we are made responsible of have been inherited and most of those who criticize us triggered these problems,” the PM said.    

According to the government’s communication and protocol department, Pavel Filip said that, to remove these problems, more concrete actions had been undertaken: the banking system was strengthened, the conditions for the business environment were improved, the fiscal reform and the one of pensions were implemented. At present, decision-makers work on the reform of wage payment system, health and education system. “When you want to build a resistant building, you need a deep and durable foundation,” the prime minister said.

At the same time, the PM referred to the social projects launched by the government: First Home, PARE 1+1, Start for Young People. “Our responsibility is to work. And we will continue to work, so that we are not ashamed of the things we have done,” Pavel Filip stressed.

At the meeting, mayors and other participants tackled more problems: lack of medical staff, equipments in institutions, problems which appeared after schools were closed, quality of roads, access to services of water and sewerage supply, ecological situation and waste management. All problems were noted and an action plan will be subsequently worked out to identify solutions to settle them.

Pavel Filip also met business people from the Sangerei district. The PM said the cabinet would further undertake all needed actions to provide the business environment, which creates jobs and brings incomes to budget, with proper conditions for work.



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