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Breaking news14 November 2017 13:19

The liberals refused to participate in the debate, as they consider it advertising the referendum

The liberals believe that the participation of representatives of their political formation in public debates on the upcoming referendum on November 19 is an unnecessary advertisement of this event. In this connection, the PL decided to declare a boycott to the debate.

In their statement, the liberals note that their presence in the pre-election debates next to “usurpers and initiators of the plebiscite will bring this event great popularity.” And intending that this does not happen, they are going to ignore any invitations to defend their position.

In addition, the liberals called the referendum not the only way to stop the lawlessness reigning in the capital thanks to Chirtoaca and the liberal mafia, as perceived by the townspeople, but “the whim of socialists who, in their opinion, are wasting nine million budget funds.”

It should be reminded that the Party of Socialists and the President of the Republic of Moldova repeatedly called on citizens to go to a referendum on November 19 and vote for the resignation of Dorin Chirtoaca. Only in this way early elections will be scheduled for the spring of 2018, during which every Chisinau resident will be able to vote for his or her favorite candidate.



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