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Breaking news30 November 2017 12:59

PL makes call in connection with December 1

The Liberal youth called on all those who feel they are Romanians to take part in the Union March on December 2 to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the Great Union. The youth wing of the Liberal Party (PL) also launched a literary contest entitled “Why do you love Romania?”. The winners will be announced on December 24, IPN reports.

Leader of the Club of Liberal Lyceum Students Vlad Stratan said the contest is divided into three sections: photography, essay and poetry. The participation conditions are available on the Facebook pages of the PL and the Club of Liberal Lyceum Students.

For his part, chairman of the Liberal student organizations Ion Purice congratulated Moldova’s youth on the occasion of the day of all the Romanians, which is celebrated on December 1. “Our thoughts are aimed at Romania and the Great Union. The Union should take place daily. In this connection, I thank those who struggle for the union of our Romanian nation, but we should speak about the union and the Romanian values in each cell of society. We should not forget that only united for the union, can we ensure the union,” he stated, calling on all those who feel they are Romanians to join in the Union March.

The event will involve the youth wing of the PL. The high school students will come to the march with tricolors.

Chairman of the Liberal youth Ion Cebanu said we should thank our forerunners who made the Great Union possible as this is an important event for the Romanian nation. “December 1 is the peak for each Romanian. Those who feel they are Romanian should not ignore this event,” he stated, reiterating the call to take part in the Union March that will start from the monument to Ruler Stephan the Great and Holy in central Chisinau at 2pm.

Ion Cebanu added that this is a call to promote the Romanian ideal, the historical right to reintegrate the Romanian state.



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