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Breaking news2 November 2017 10:35

Communists initiate simple no-confidence motion against CC judges

The MPs of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova have initiated a simple no-confidence motion against judges of the Constitutional Court (CC). The announcement was made by MP Elena Bodnarenco in Parliament on November 2. “We, the PCRM, initiated a simple motion. We request the competent bodies to immediately start the procedure for dismissing the CC judges and to dismiss them,” stated the MP, noting that the document was signed by the Communist MPs and urging other members of Parliament to follow their example, IPN reports.

The text of the motion says the president of the Constitutional Court more often dares to comment not only on decisions taken by the constitutional jurisdiction authority, but also on political subjects, violating thus the principle of independence. “More often, the president of the Constitutional Court is the interpreter of those with authoritarian and illegal tendencies. Regrettably, none of the Court’s judges tried to officially examine the improper behavior of the president of the High Court, showing evident negligence of their functional duties. At the same time, the High Court, in the current composition, shows evident bias when examining cases referring to the parliamentary opposition,” say the authors of the motion.

According to the Communist MPs, the current composition of the High Court excessively politicizes its role, repeatedly amending the Constitution and assuming powers of the Parliament of Moldova. Moreover, the High Court declared constitutional provisions unconstitutional contrary to its practice, which says that the constitutional laws cannot be declared unconstitutional. Even if the Constitutional Courts play a different role compared with the courts of law, the judges of the High Court cannot assume foreign powers as this is against the constitutional principle of separation of powers in the state.


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