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Breaking news10 January 2023 12:56

New Labour and Social Protection Minister Alexei Buzu was introduced to the staff

New Labour and Social Protection Minister Alexei Buzu today was sworn in office, in the presence of Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita and President Maia Sandu.

In her speech given at the swearing-in-office ceremony, the PM thanked Minister Buzu for having accepted the joining of the governmental team and wished him success in exercising the mandate. Natalia Gavrilita said that the priorities of the Labour and Social Protection Ministry (MMPS) would stay the same – promotion, to the equal extent, of the right to labour in decent conditions, worthy of a European state, as well as the state’s solidarity with the citizens at risk.

„These two goals are mutually conditioned. We will not be able to achieve the desideratum to have a really social state, unless we do not have a labour market working according to rules observed by everybody, generating jobs and incomes, which are to allow us increase not only the social allocations, but also the quality of the public services in this sphere,’’ Natalia Gavrilita said.

At the same time, the prime minister thanked the former labour minister, Marcel Spatari, for the ambitious reforms underway in the field of  protection of employees’ rights, combating the unregistered labour, baking women on childcare leave, as well as the pensioners and the people with disabilities. ‘’We must make sure that each vulnerable person benefits from support on behalf of the state,’’ the PM said, in the context.

President Maia Sandu also congratulated Minister Buzu on his appointment to office and reiterated the Presidency’s support in the process of implementation of the pro-European agenda.

„We rely on your professionalism in continuing the ambitious agenda, which the minister formulated. We need an efficient system of social assistance, a consolidated information platform, due to ensure the comprising of all elements of the social assistance programme. I also want to thank Mr. Marcel Spatari for having worked with much self-denial and professionalism, contribution to the growth of the revenues of more categories of citizens, doubling of the small pensions, efficiently managing the refugees’ crisis. We wish much success to the former minister Spatari, new minister Buzu and the entire ministerial staff,’’ President Sandu said.

Immediately after the ceremony of solemn swearing in office, Labour and Social Protection Minister Alexei Buzu was introduced to the staff. The MMPS head thanked the prime minister for the trust given, noting that the institution had all pre-conditions for successfully carrying out  the activity and the priorities set.

Alexei Buzu is specialist in the management of public policies and non-profit organizations and is executive director of the Partnership for Development Centre. During his work, he has provided support to more ministries in the process of elaboration of sectoral public policies, participated in initiatives on strengthening the process of results’ management, enforcing systems of measuring performances, promotion of the good governance and gender equality. Buzu also acted as consultant and team leader for more international organizations in such fields as the labour market, economic development, social assistance, demography, migration, education, health, water and sanitation.  


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