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Important19 March 2021 06:30

Political analyst: Vladimir Golovatiuc's proposal for Prim minister is an unexpected decision, which may point to one of these two things

Vladimir Golovatiuc’s proposal for Prime Minister by the parliamentary majority is an unexpected decision, which may point to one of two things. This is the opinion of the political analyst Dionis Cenușă, informs TRIBUNA news site.

“The PSRM proposes that the Prime Minister become an acceptable person on the right and left and submits Golovatiuc (the Moldovan Ambassador to Moscow). This unexpected decision can indicate one of two things. The first is that the PSRM does not want an unaffiliated candidate with Sandu and on the right (for example, Andrei Năstase), with chances of right and left votes. The second is that the PSRM intentionally calls Golovatiuc to exploit the perception of a struggle between geopolitical candidates – Grosu (West) and Golovatiuc (Russia)”, he stated in a comment on Facebook, underlining that “either of these two explanations shows that anticipations are possible in 2021”.

At the same time, Cenușă said that the speed with which majorities are being created in the Parliament is extraordinary, as is the low degree of transparency in this process. “The PSRM wants to make sure it has a candidacy in case the Constitutional Court declares Maia Sandu’s decree for Igor Grosu’s appointment unconstitutional,” the expert added.

According to his statement, Igor Grosu proposed some things that would show that he wants to be voted rather than vice versa. “He would be a reliable ally of the President, but very uncomfortable for many people in Parliament,” Cenușă concluded.

Cristina Gurez

Cristina Grițineac – trainee translator 


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