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Exclusive8 February 2019 10:00

Political scientist: The subjects of external politics which should be taboo, regardless of who will lead the Republic of Moldova

In an interview for TRIBUNA portal, the political analyst Dionis Cesuşa was asked:’’Which subjects of external politics should be taboo, regardless of who will lead the Republic of Moldova?’’

‘’The development direction of the Republic of Moldova through European Integration represents a mined land for Moldovan politicians. That’s why it’s risky if someone decides to do it in a radical and spontaneous manner. However, the discussion of “taboo topics” regarding the external politics by politicians depends on the state of mind of society, but also on external circumstances. Finally, abandoning the European vector, favouring the Eurasian integration or reviewing the neutrality status in order to be able to join NATO will only take place if citizens will allow or disallow these things. Therefore, before such decisions, politicians will very carefully estimate the consequences, “he said.

Andriana Cheptine

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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