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Important17 March 2021 06:30

Expert: Political Games continue on the account of the citizen's health and money

“So for whatever purpose, early elections are wanted, otherwise they would not have gone on the scenario of Igor Grosu’s appointment,” – said the political analyst, Dionis Cenușă, informs TRIBUNA.

According to him, responsibility for all that follows, good and bad, will lie with the Action and Solidarity Party and President Maia Sandu, and those in the DA Platform are most affected by the decision.

“The denouement is near. Or we will see how the Grosu Government is doing or how fair early elections are ensured at the height of the pandemic crisis by the interim government,” Cenușă said on Facebook.

The expert pointed out that political games continue on the account of the citizen’s health and money.

Cristina Gurez
Angela Tanas – trainee translator


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