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Important14 March 2021 10:00

Top 5 online broadcasts made by politicians

Lately, several politicians have resorted to a very useful communication tool, given the presence of citizens on social networks. Thus, some politicians started making live on networks, and later turned them into permanent broadcasts, which are successful. This week, the TRIBUNA news site elaborated a ranking of 5 online broadcasts made by politicians.

1. Igor Dodon – “The President Igor Dodon Responds”

Igor Dodon, the leader of the socialists, launched the broadcast “The President Responds” during his time as head of state, and for more than a year, his show is broadcast on social networks, on Friday mornings, in live or recording format, with small exceptions.

2. Sergiu Mocanu – “Live with Sergiu Mocanu”

Sergiu Mocanu, the president of the “Anti-Mafia Movement” Party, made an account on Youtube about 4 years ago, which is now followed by over 8000 people, and since then he has started online discussions with citizens.  The show is broadcast every Wednesday night on the party’s website, but also on social networks. The politician exposes his positions on certain subjects and answers questions he has received.

3. Ion Dron – “You and the law”

Ion Dron, the president of the Party for People, Nature and Animals, launched his own live show on Facebook – “You and the law” when he was still a lawyer. Every Thursday evening, the current party president comments on several events of the week, and finally answers the questions of the followers, including talking about the party he founded. The shows are also available on the party’s website.

4. Andrian Candu – “Moldovans ask”

Andrian Candu, the president of the “Pro Moldova” Party, for several months has decided to communicate with the citizens through live social networks. Practically weekly, in the middle of the day, the deputy is live on Facebook and comes with statements and positions, and a good part of the discussion focuses on questions and answers. The politician called these live “Moldovans ask”.

5. Pavel Filip – “Weekend conclusions”

Pavel Filip, the leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova, has been performing live on Facebook for several weeks now, these being called “Weekend conclusions”. In the first part of Sunday’s live, the democrat talks about the party’s activity and positions regarding the latest actions in the political arena.

Cristina Grițineac – trainee translator


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