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Breaking news2 March 2020 10:00

President, Speaker and Prime Minister made a joint appeal to citizens

The top leadership of the country addressed the citizens of the Republic of Moldova with a joint appeal:

Dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova,

On March 2, 1992, a new page was opened in the history of the modern Republic of Moldova. Our country has become a full-fledged state – a member of the United Nations. The historical legal right to the continuous statehood of the Moldovan people, to the sovereignty and independence of the Moldovan state, which is more than 660 years old, was restored.

At the same time, the tragic events of 1992 related to the Transnistrian conflict became the darkest and saddest page in the recent history of our country. The consequences of those armed clashes are still felt in society and have an impact on political and socio-economic life. On Memorial Day – March 2 – we recall all those who became victims of the armed conflict on the Dniester.

We are convinced that all residents of the Republic of Moldova, political class, academic environment and civil society should make necessary efforts to overcome the consequences of the Transnistrian conflict in order to pass on a peaceful, stable and prosperous country to the descendants.

Confirming desire of the Moldovan people to live in peace and harmony, we urge you to further build and develop the Republic of Moldova.

We, our children and grandchildren deserve a better life and tomorrow.

With confidence we can say – Moldova has a future!”



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