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News21 April 2019 09:00

TOP-10 events that marked the politics of Moldova in the post-electoral period

Even if the political situation remains uncertain, several important events occurred during the post-electoral period. Here we will refer to a conventional ranking.

1). Post-electoral talks initiated by the President of Moldova

In order to overcome the political stalemate, the head of state invited the leaders of the parliamentary fractions to post-electoral talks. The leaders of PSRM, PDM and NOW presented the first round of separate discussions. At the second round of common discussions  – only PSRM and PDM leaders. After these talks, the head of state said that the ball is now on the terrain of the parliamentary fractions.

2). The invitation of PDM for the Bloc NOW

Immediately after the elections,  PDM proposed to the BLOC NOW the beginning of the talks on the establishment of a ruling coalition. The Bloc NOW has rejected any possibility of talks with PDM. Subsequently, the Democrats made a new invitation to the dialogue with the Bloc NOW, but it was also rejected.

3). The  Commitment of the Bloc NOW for a minority government

Shortly after the election, the bloc NOW said it is ready to take responsibility for the government of the country within a minority government. The bloc proposed  Maia Sandu as Prime Minister, and Andrei Nastase – as Speaker. But his proposal was criticized by the rest of the parliamentary fractions.

4). The offer of PSRM  for the Bloc NOW

The Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) proposed to those in the Bloc NOW the beginning of the talks on the creation of a ruling coalition. The Socialists also submitted a number of conditions to this effect, including the function of Speaker for Zinaida Greceanii, the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense, etc. The bloc NOW rejected the proposal, noting that it is ready to vote on certain projects with PSRM but not to make a lasting coalition.

5). Launching the package of “removal of oligarchism”

Prior to the start of the new Parliament’s work, the Bloc NOW  has launched a package of “removal of oligarchism” laws. Other deputies rejected the proposal, noting that, unless the working bodies of the Parliament and a majority coalition are formed, this is impossible.

6). The offer of the Bloc NOW for PSRM

The bloc NOW suggested to the socialists to initiate discussions on some of its projects and initiatives, which would have been adopted in the conditions in which a new coalition government could not be established. The Socialists said they were ready to talk not for the moment, but for a lasting coalition.

7). Visit of deputies of PSRM to Moscow

At the invitation of the leadership of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the parliamentary fraction of PSRM paid a visit to Moscow. As this visit took place as the political situation in the Republic of Moldova is uncertain, some politicians and political analysts said it was in touch with attempts to find a solution for the post-electoral crisis.

8). The package of social initiatives of PDM

In this political crisis, the Democratic Party of Moldova presented a set of social projects, noting that they should form the basis for discussions on future governance. Other parties, at least for the time being, have not commented on this package.

9). Invitation of the Block NOW for “uncontrolled members by the oligarchic regime”

Refusing the invitation of President Igor Dodon to the second round of post-electoral talks, the deputies of the Bloc NOW  began their own talks, inviting “uncontrolled deputies by the oligarchic regime.” However, this attempt has failed.

10). The Tentative of Sor Party to dialogue with the Bloc NOW

In the post-electoral period, the Sor party stayed away from any discussion of the possibilities of overcoming the political crisis. Once, the deputies of this party came to the fore, coming to the talks where the bloc NOW invited “the uncontrolled deputies by the oligarchic regime.” However, the bloc NOW refused to discuss with this party.

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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