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Editorial7 April 2019 07:00

What, however, was on 7 April 2009: revolution or a coup attempt?

It has been 10 years since the events of 7 April 2009, but so far it is not clear what happened that day. Both the political class and the society continue to be divided into two camps – while one party considers that there was a revolution that led to the expulsion of the Communists from power, while another considers that was made a coup attempt.

Statements and opinions on this topic have been heard in all these years, commissions of inquiry have been set up, hearings have been held, various people have been heard and have been tangled with those events by the  competent bodies of the state, have written a lot of protocols, minutes, court hearings, various draft laws on this subject have been drafted and promoted, numerous public events have been organized, but the society has not received any a clear answer about those events: by whom they were organized, with what purpose, what were the collateral effects, etc.

What we can say with certainty about April 7, 2009, is just about the size of the political consequences. Thus, these traits can be divided into two large groups: positive and negative. On the positive side it should be mentioned that, following the events of April 7, 2009, forces came to power that quickly managed to bring Moldova out of the economic crisis; have managed to attract unprecedented support for various national programs ($ 2.6 billion); have succeeded in successfully launching and finalizing negotiations on the Association Agreement with the European Union, the Free Trade Agreement, the Visa Liberalization Agreement, the Common European Aviation Area Accession Agreement, etc.

At the same time, on the negative side it should be mentioned that the same forces tolerated, and some of them had direct attribution to the “theft of the billion” in the banking system; have even divided politically institutions that cannot be politically shared, such as the prosecution or the judiciary system ; have deepened the process of embezzlement of public money; have gradually built up a system that is more and more often referred to as “captured state”; have created conditions for Moldova to move closer to the status of a country isolated from an international and a country which is largely left behind by  thousands  of citizens.

These are just general notes about the political consequences of the 7 April 2009 events, but of course, the more detailed analysis is required here, for surely those events will occupy a special place in the modern history of the Republic of Moldova. And since history does not forgive mistakes or failures, however, it would be good if after 10 years after those events were to begin some genuine investigations that would give us the final answer to the question: However, what was on 7 April 2009 – revolution or coup attempt?

Dumitru Spătaru

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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