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Important7 April 2019 09:00

TOP-10 most active political actors in March

In March, Moldovan political actors were more passive than in February, when Moldova was in the electoral campaign for parliamentary elections. However, some political actors were quite active. As you can see in this chapter, see the conventional list below.

1). President Igor Dodon

 And this month, the head of state was the most active political actor in Moldova, with 40 public events and actions. The President is the only political actor who managed to record an average of over an event a day.

2). Party of Socialists

Second place belongs to the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova with 14 public events and actions. Compared with the previous month, PSRM activism has declined, which is explained by the specifics of the post-electoral period, when much is being discussed, analyzed, but few are made public.

3). Platform “Dignity and Truth”

In the same situation is the Platform “Dignity and Truth”, which had 12 public events and actions in March. I mean, PDA had an event every three days.

4). The “Action and Solidarity”

Exactly an average of a three-day event had the Party of Action and Solidarity. All of his 10 events in March, PAS organized them together with PDA, both being part of the electoral Bloc NOW.

5). Premier Pavel Filip

The fifth place of our conventional ranking belongs to Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who had in March 9 public events and actions. Compared to the previous months, Prime Minister activism was lower, but this is also explained by the fact that he now has more responsibilities, being also the leader of the parliamentary fraction PDM.

6). Democratic Party

The Democratic Party of Moldova in March showed the same activism as in the previous months, except for the period of the electoral campaign. Thus, PDM ranked sixth in our conventional standings with 8 public actions and events.

7). Political party Şor

An event once every 4 days, in March, had the Political Party Shor – in total 7 events and public actions. At the same time, it should be noted that this formation had a “loaded” media agenda, being permanently present in the media with statements, attitudes, etc.

8). The Liberal Party

  The Liberal Party is a short distance from the Șor Party, which had 6 public events and actions in March. Even if he did not go to Parliament, PL remains quite present in the political life of the country.

9). Party of Communists

In March, the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, which for the first time in the past 21 years remained outside Parliament, has only two events.

10). The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and the European Popular  Party of Moldova

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and the European Popular Party of Moldova end our ranking. Each of these formations had one political event, is much more passive than in the previous months.

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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