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Important27 March 2019 06:00

Political scientist about the proposal Sandu  - Premier and Năstase – Speaker: both applications eliminate any chance of voting

Political scientist Dionis Cenușă argues that the inevitable is confirmed, namely that PAS party and the DA Platform need each other in the future Parliament.

As TRIBUNA informs, in a social networking post, Dionis Cenuşă mentioned that the need to create the parliamentary bloc NOW is clear, which becomes an attractive political brand to attract voters associated with the opposition.

“At the same time, by maintaining the bloc, the PAS, the DA Platform and the independent deputies can be more easily coordinated. The proposal to have Maia Sandu as prime minister and Andrei Năstase as speaker of the Parliament is somehow a logical consequence of the desire to hypothetically divide power. But both applications eliminate any chance of voting. Such prerogative is certainly targeted by the first (PSRM) or the second (PDM) party elected in the new legislature. If the opposition really wants to be realistic, then a technical government with an apolitical prime- minister would be a more feasible idea. All the arguments of the bloc NOW about the “captured state” by oligarchic interests are valid, but they all make it impossible to create a government with the participation of the bloc. Socialists are more likely to reach a common opinion not with the oligarchic core of the Democrats, including the subject of repairing relations with Russia than with the bloc NOW, whose visions are probably too pro-integrity for the current parliamentary composition, “the political scientist said.

At the same time, Dionis Cenușă referred to the stakes of these ads. “So what is the stake? The leader of the Platform Năstase spoke and mentioned something about the participation of the bloc NOW  at local elections. Nothing about early elections, right? In other words, the bloc NOW is in the process of forming a parliamentary opposition, already thinking about the local elections in the summer, “concluded Cenușă.

Andriana Cheptine

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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