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Exclusive27 March 2019 06:30

Six localities risk to remain without leadership! Who will come to their forefront if mayors choose the position of deputy

After the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019, six localities in the Republic of Moldova remained theoretically without leadership, given that their mayors were obtained the mandate of the deputy. It is about Gheorghe Braşovschi – Mayor of Sângerei; Ilan Şor – Mayor of Orhei; Grigore Repesciuc – Mayor of Căuşeni; Petru Frunze – mayor of Puhoi village, Ialoveni rayon: Alexandru Botnari – Mayor of Hincesti, and Marina Tauber – mayor of Jora de Mijloc, Orhei district.

As TRIBUNA informs, according to the law, the position of the deputy is incompatible with the functions of the local public administration, respectively, the elected deputy shall, within 30 days, decide whether to remain in Parliament or continue to work in the office of mayor.

 It should be mentioned that the mandates of local elected representatives expire in June this year, respectively local elections are no longer organized.

According to article 139 of the Electoral Code, “if the vacancy in the  office of mayor of the locality occurred in the last year before the expiration of his mandate, new elections for the post of mayor office are not organized.”

Thus, in the created situation there remains to be appointed a person to ensure the interim.

Law no. 436 on local public administration provides 4 situations.

„One – In case of termination of the term of office, suspension of office or impossibility of the mayor to perform his duties, the interim is ensured by a vice mayor.

Two – If the Deputy Mayor, for objective reasons, refuses to act as interim mayor, or if the mayor and deputy mayor are in the same time suspended from office or, in certain cases, these functions become vacant, the local council empowers within 5 days another person to temporarily exercise the powers of the mayor.

Three – In the event of temporary absence, the mayor may delegate, under his own responsibility, the exercise of his or her duties to the Vice-mayor or, as the case may be, to the Secretary of the Council for the duration of his absence.

And four – In the temporary exercise of the duties of mayor, the secretary of the council is not relieved of the exercise of his / her basic duties”, it is stipulated in Article 34.

TRIBUNA states: The parliamentary elections took place on 24 February, and on March 9, 2019, the Constitutional Court confirmed the results of the elections and validated the mandates of deputy for the legislature of the 10th legislature.

We recall that the last local elections in the Republic of Moldova took place on June 14, 2015. The mandate of local elected representatives is 4 years and thus expires on 14 June 2019.

Andriana Cheptine

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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