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Important13 March 2019 06:30

Journalist: There is a formula agreed in Moscow and Washington for the administration of the Republic of Moldova

I believe that the agreed formula in Moscow and Washington for the administration of the state between the Prut and Diester, an important territory for the architecture of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea Security Cord, is the one made public by the Democratic Party of Moldova. The principles announced for the formation of the future ruling coalition contain the main elements of this political arrangement that all the major players in the region agree: adopting the pro-Moldova political orientation, implementing the Association Agreement with the EU, maintaining military neutrality and regulating the Transnistrian conflict. About this, the journalist Victor Nichituş writes in a post on his personal blog.

According to him, “announcing the new data of the geopolitical equation, the Moldovan democrats suggested that they are the ones who will negotiate the future government and have the power to impose the new rules of the game”.

Victor Nichituş states that “Moldova is not the navel of the earth, but it occupies a territory that is at the confluence of the two great powers, for this important reason.”

„The globalized world we live in makes the political-judicial processes to last very little when necessary,” he writes.

Cristina Pendea

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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