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Important16 February 2019 09:00

Vladimir Voronin: We expect that the citizens of our country will make a conscious choice

Interview with Vladimir Voronin, the leader of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova

The year 2018 was special for PCRM – the party celebrated its 25th anniversary. What significance have these 25 years have?

25 years ago, PCRM formed itself as the party of social hope, the party of solidarity of citizens, as a party of Moldovan statehood. That is why for the party and for each of its members these years meant years of permanent struggle.

For us, the Communists, these 25 years have been an important part of life, entirely dedicated to the people, to the Homeland, to its present and future. In these 25 years, each of us has gone through many attempts that have changed our lives. Not everyone has only devoted friends and companions of ideas. Not everyone has seen with their own eyes how their own thoughts change reality. We, the Communists, know what is this.

In these years, the PCRM has gone through very difficult times, including treason, attempts to destroy our organizational structure, the unity of ideas and morality. Especially because in these 25 years many citizens and politicians were against the existence of the Communist Party. That is why we must permanently prove our political, civic and human right to be communists. And it succeeds us. Like a quarter of a century ago, PCRM is the only consolidated collectively, and that means PCRM has a future.

In how many phases could be divided the history of the PCRM?

The history of the Party of Communists is inseparable from the history of the Republic of Moldova. From this point of view, it is divided into three basic stages.

The first stage represents the destruction of everything, from the economy and the social sphere to the relations between people and society. Many are proud of this shameful and terrible time. But can you be proud of the destruction of the industry, the destruction of the agriculture, with poverty? Or with the fratricidal war, a terrible wound that we cannot even treat today?

For us, the Communists, this was the time when we had to prove the soundness of our ideas, our legality, our point of view, especially, of what happened in the country, of the processes in society. We have resisted knowing that the good people are more than the wicked. Our goal was to reach their hearts, convince them to be themselves, to organize them.

The second period in the life of the party and in the life of the country was when the citizens of the Republic of Moldova twice trusted us. The period when we got hope, we returned the sentiment of national dignity in state politics. The results of these eight years and today are highly appreciated by citizens.

The third stage started after the events of 7 April 2009 and continues, unfortunately, now. For the people of Moldova, this is a period of systemic opposition to rapid social degradation, geopolitical and unionist schizophrenia, the evilest and vulgar type of corruption, and dictatorship that occurs. This period is not yet ended. I want to believe that it will end after the parliamentary elections on February 2019.

Which stage do you consider the most important for the party and why?

Every day of these 25 years is very important for the party. Because it is an inseparable part of my life and of my companions. I think the most important period was when the PCRM was in power. It would be easy to illustrate with concrete examples and convincing figures. But I cannot consider it less important when the party was forbidden, trying to be on the first political line. But the current stage of our opposition activity is also important. Where else can a party show its qualities than in an open and uncompromising fight? And it does not matter where the fight goes – in the streets and markets, or in Parliament and local councils. The result counts. And I am convinced that if Moldova has kept its statehood in the last 10 years, that is the merit of our party.

And you had a jubilee in 2018 – 25 years at the head of the PCRM Party. What did that mean for you?

Even today, after 25 years, I would not change anything, even if I had this opportunity.

Generally, how was the year 2018 for the politics of the Republic of Moldova?

2018, like all years starting with  2010, was another lost year for our country. The power and the pocket opposition in the person of the socialists, play some arranged and meaningless ”matches”. From the battle of ideas, politics turned into a series of bandit combinations.  From the captured state, Moldova is rapidly becoming a criminal state. The laws do not work. Corruption has affected all spheres of activity. Thousands of people leave the Republic of Moldova every day. There is evidence that this process is stimulated by power. The statehood of the Republic of Moldova is in danger. In my opinion, this is the “plan B” of the mafia regime.

How many of the planned actions in 2018 did you manage to achieve and how much did you plan for 2019?

The Party of Communists is the only classic party in the country that works systemically on the basis of the approved plan. We have achieved everything we have planned for this significant year for our party.

What expectations do you have from 2019?

I believe that the whole society understood that the purpose of communist governance is the liquidation of democratic processes and institutions, violation of moral laws and norms, the destruction of Moldovan statehood. To gain victory in the struggle with this situation, all the healthy forces in society need to be consolidated around the only party that has demonstrated the ability to administer the state.

We are sure people will realize, they will understand that their future, the future of their families and their children depends on their vote in February. We expect that people will stop selling their votes for sweet promises. We expect that the citizens of the country will make a conscious choice.

How do you see the future of the Republic of Moldova?

All the time I have seen and see an independent, sovereign, prosperous Moldova, a pacifist state that has managed to solve the problem of territorial integrity. I see Moldova as a beautiful garden with happy people. Throughout its dramatic history of 600 years, Moldova deserves a beautiful future. Namely, the desire to secure this future determines us to continue the struggle.

Political Almanac 2018

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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