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Important10 February 2019 09:00

Top-10 most active political actors in January

Traditional already, TRIBUNA proposes the conventional ranking of the most active political actors. Today we present you the January ranking.

1). President Igor Dodon

The head of state remains the most active political actor in Moldova. In January, he had 46 public events and actions.

2). Party of Socialists

As the parliamentary elections approached, the Party of Socialists became actively involved. The formation had 29 public events and actions in January.

3). Premier Pavel Filip

Even though he has fewer public appearances as  Premier, since he launched in the parliamentary elections, however, the head of the Executive had 27 events in January.

4). Democrat Party

In January the Democratic Party was also actively involved. It  had 22 public impact actions, almost double compared to the previous months.

5). ’’Dignity and Truth ‘’Platform

The PDA remained practically at the same level of activity as in the previous months, recording an average of an event once every two days . In total, the party had 16 public events and actions in January.

6). Șor Party

Practically the same level of activism had the Political Party Sor, which had 15 public events and actions. At the same time, this party also had a loaded media agenda.

7). ’’Action and Solidarity’’Party

In total, PAS had 12 public events and actions in January. However, it should be mentioned that most of them were in the line of the electoral block NOW, which also includes the PAS.

8). Speaker Andrian Candu

On the eighth place is Speaker Andrian Candu with 11 events and public actions. He was quite active, considering the fact that this month Parliament was on vacation.

9). Liberal Party

Against the backdrop of the activism of other political actors, the Liberals presented with 10 public events and actions.

10). ’’Our Party” and ‘’Democracy Home’’

Our ranking ends with “Our Party” and “Democracy Home,” both parties having in January four public events and actions each.

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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