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Important26 May 2017 16:23

Successful project in Orhei! More than 500 mothers received allowances for newborns in amount of 7000 and 10000 lei from ILAN SHOR

Another 30 young families in Orhei have received today allowances for newborns in amount of 7000 or 10000 lei. The financial support comes from the Mayor of Orhei, ILAN SHOR. So far the Mayor has provided allowances to over 500 young families in Orhei.

On this occasion, the Mayor sent through his lawyers a congratulatory message to the young families, mentioning as follows:

“Currently, over 30 young families in Orhei have received allowance for newborn children in amount of 7000 or 10000 lei. On this occasion, I express the most sincere congratulations to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fact you bring new generations of citizens of our country.

Currently, Orhei is certainly the leader in the implementation of social programs. I am proud to run such a team. I am proud of our town of Orhei and of you, dear mothers of small Orhei residents!

I have mentioned on several occasions that we are a family and Orhei is our home!

We will continue to support the young families! Children are our future!”.

We also note that, thanks to the introduction of allowances for newborns, the birth rate in Orhei increased by about 50%, being recorded an increase in the number of applications for granting allowances.

Material support for a newborn is granted since 2015 within a special social program launched by Mayor ILAN SHOR and implemented together with “Pentru Orhei” Public Association. Also, the social project is provided in the electoral program of Mayor ILAN SHOR and continues to be done step by step till the present.

During the event, the young families expressed their gratitude for the support granted in view to increase birth rate.

At the same time, Orhei City Hall provides monthly material support to families in need, and currently the category of beneficiaries of social stores was expanded.

Thus, besides retirees, staff of educational institutions, families with many children or single-parent families, as well as veterans can buy bread at only 2 lei and cheap products.

Currently, Orhei is the only city in Moldova where nongovernmental social programs are actively practiced.

Moreover, the concern of the authorities for the fate of the young generation in Orhei is visible through the support given to kindergartens in the city by opening new groups, additional funding for children’s food, setting up the playgrounds for children, measurable actions appreciated by the parents from Orhei.

We would like to remind you that Orhei allowance for newborns shall be granted to families in Orhei who meet the following conditions: families / parents who have a residence registration and have lived for at least 12 months until the birth of child in Orhei, provided that the newborn was registered with the Civil Status Office, and the allowance was requested within no more than 6 months after the child was born.


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