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Important31 July 2019 10:15

Ilan Shor's supporters protest outside Supreme Court

A crowd of supporters of Ilan Shor is protesting outside the Supreme Court of Justice. They demand a fair hearing of the appeal of the arrest warrant issued against the leader of the Shor Party.

The protesters came with banners that say: “We want fair justice”, “We are with you, Ilan Shor”, “Shor is the politician of concrete facts”, “Hands off Ilan Shor”. They ask the judges not to be influenced by the government.

MP Marina Tauber, the party’s vice president, said that Ilan Shor is following everything that happens in Chisinau, but “for objective reasons, he cannot be present as it would be dangerous for him”. “Although the path to success in politics started from the city of Orhei, today we must fight for the rights of people from all over the country,” declared the politician.

Marina Tauber also said that the protesters will remain in front of the Supreme Court of Justice until the decision is issued. Several buses are parked near the protest site.

In June 2017, Ilan Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for his role in the $1B bank fraud. The sentence was challenged in the Appeals Court and Shor was freed from house arrest on bail until a definitive sentence. In February 2018, the case was moved to the Cahul Appeals Court and a final judgement hasn’t been passed yet.

About a month ago Inal Shor reportedly sneaked out of the country in breach of his bail conditions. Exiting the country bypassing border and customs formalities is itself a criminal offense for which Shor faces a hefty fine or up to 2 years in prison.



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