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Breaking news16 February 2023 17:47

The government led by Prime Minister Dorin Recean has been sworn in office with the votes of 62 MPs

The government led by Prime Minister Dorin Recean has been sworn in office with the votes of 62 MPs. In his speech in the parliament plenum, Dorin Recean referred to the principal priorities of the governance plan: ensuring the discipline and order in the state’s institutions, economic development, ensuring peace and stability in Moldova.   

„We want a country with prosperous citizens, with strong and transparent institutions, with a competitive business environment, for which the relation with the state is an accelerator and not a string of obstacles. We want to live in a safe world, in which the international treaties are observed, in which the problems between countries are solved through dialogue, in which there is respect for the small countries. We want to be full-fledged member of the European Union. This programme shows the steps which we will undertake to fulfill this vision,’’ PM Recean said.
Also, the new prime minister noted that the government would focus its efforts on the consolidation of the energy sector. ‘’We will create facilities for investments in the energy efficiency and alternative energy both for the households and for private companies. Therefore, I insisted that the portfolio of energy should be separate from the one of infrastructure and a separate ministry should be created, fully dedicated to the energy sector,’’ Dorin Recean also said in the parliament plenum.
Subsequently, the cabinet members took the oath before President Maia Sandu. The head of state congratulated the new governmental team. She noted that the task of the cabinet led by Dorin Recean was to provide safety to the citizens and to put Moldova on a track of reconstruction and development, despite the crises.
„Moldova must not only resist – it must develop. Our responsibility is to protect the people from the crises which hit our country, as well as invest in the future. I am confident that we will maintain the peace and order in the country,’’ Maia Sandu said.
The new cabinet of ministers will have 15 ministries. Thus, Dumitru Alaiba will hold the position of deputy prime minister, economic development and digitalization minister; Vladimir Bolea will act as deputy prime minister, agriculture and food industry minister; Nicu Popescu will hold the office of deputy PM, foreign affairs and European integration minister; Oleg Serebrian will act as deputy prime minister for reintegration. At the same time, Veronica Mihailov-Moraru will act as justice minister, the Interior Ministry will be led by Ana Revenco, the Health Ministry – by Ala Nemerenco, Education and Research Ministry – Anatolie Topala, Defence Ministry – Anatolie Nosatii, Culture Ministry – Sergiu Prodan, Labour and Social Protection – Alexei Buzu, Environment Ministry – Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov and Victor Parlicov will lead the new Energy Ministry.


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