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Important24 July 2022 20:42

Demonstrations in support of MP Marina Tauber continued today in front of the General Prosecutor's Office

Demonstrations in support of MP Marina Tauber, who has been remanded in custody for 30 days at Penitentiary No. 13 in the capital, continued today in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office. Thousands of people chanted anti-government slogans and accused the government of applying repressive measures against political opponents in order to shut them up and distract attention from the social and economic disaster that the Republic of Moldova has brought about. The people also demanded the resignation of the acting prosecutor general, Dumitru Robu, at whose request Marina Tauber’s parliamentary immunity was lifted and her detention ordered. The leader of the “SHOR” Party, Ilan Shor, who spoke online, assured the people that he would fight to the end so that the current regime would fall and people would have a better life.

According to Ilan Shor, the Republic of Moldova is captured by a group of bandits, the Prosecutor’s Office is used as a political club, just like other state institutions. At the same time, Ilan Shor thanked the people for their support and assured them that the current government will be brought down.

„The regime is so scared that it won’t even allow us to speak in front of a crowd on a big screen. PAS and Maia Sandu are committing an aggression against their own people. They have condemned the people to poverty, hunger and cold. And those who criticize them will go to jail. Thank you for your support, for giving us the chance to ensure a good life. The end of this regime is near, because this is how only those who are in convulsions behave. We will fight to the end, we will get early elections, we will succeed, together, to get a better life! We will not let Maia Sandu sell the country. Marina Tauber is behind bars for defending people’s interests. We will get her out. She has a strong character and is interested in doing good. Together we will win. We’ll stay in the streets until the end”, stated Ilan Shor.

Dinu Turcanu, the chairman of Orhei district, stated that we are currently ruled by incompetent people who will have to answer for all the crimes they commit.

„We’ve been through similar situations with Marina Tauber in 2019 when she was arrested. Over a period of time, the former prosecutor general apologized and admitted it was a political file. Her case was closed due to lack of evidence. In Moldova, the rule of law is being usurped. All the actions of the government only reinforce the article of usurpation of the state, which is laid down in the Criminal Code. The current government will certainly be held accountable under this article for all the crap it does every day. We will continue to stand for the defence of Moldova’s democracy. Dear partners of country development, do not think that Maia Sandu will have a different fate than Vlad Filat, who also enjoyed support from outside. I appeal to all citizens of the country, if we want to easily overcome the difficult period we are in, if we want to have enough to pay the bills, I invite you to go out into the streets to put the political lid on the current government. Let’s demand early elections. The protests are just beginning”, said Dinu Turcanu.

For her part, the MP of the “SHOR” party, Reghina Apostolova, noted that Marina Tauber is under pressure because she is a popular leader who enjoys the support of a growing number of people.

„Never in the history of Moldova has the government had a worse attitude towards the opposition than the current parliamentary majority. Not a single opposition bill has been voted on in plenary, with the exception of a bill to increase allowances for World War II veterans. All the social projects, which are beneficial to the people are laying in dust in the drawers of the legislature. We want to be heard, we want the attacks on us to stop. All citizens, including state institutions understand why Marina Tauber was detained. Because the current administration fears that Marina Tauber’s popularity will be even higher than it is now. This is what happened with the elections in Balti. We call on the Prosecutor’s Office and all other institutions to stop the war against the people”, stated Apostolova.

„Marina Tauber sacrificed a lot for Moldova and its citizens. She sacrificed her youthful years, which are the most beautiful years, for the common good. We will fight to the end and even without the microphone in Parliament we will say everything we think about the current power, which is doing everything possible to shut us up. Marina, we are with you! She is innocent. No evidence has been presented to prove her guilt”, added another MP of the „SHOR” Party, Vadim Fotescu.

„ We are protesting against the genocide committed by the current government. The power mocks the opposition and the people. The current prosecutor is carrying out all the instructions coming from Maia’s tower (Presidency). We all know that Marina Tauber did not deserve to be in Penitentiary No. 13, where those who have committed serious crimes serve their sentences. Off with Maia Sandu!”, mentioned Pavel Verejanu.

„The people of Moldova are against the dictatorship of the current regime. NO to dictatorship! I am sorry to see what is happening in the country and how the current government makes a mockery of pensioners and other poor social categories. We demand resignation! The people have no more patience and we will stay here in the streets to defend our rights”, added the municipal councillor Serghei Burgudji.

PCRM deputy Diana Caraman also sent a message expressing her support and solidarity for Marina Tauber.

„Marina Tauber is a fighter, she has always fought for justice. This power is the most cowardly in the history of the Republic of Moldova. The so-called PAS men need bodyguards everywhere. The Speaker of Parliament, Igor Grosu, is guarded by 15 bodyguards when he goes to the Government swimming pool. I am sure Marina Tauber will overcome these challenges. Today they have locked Marina up, tomorrow someone else will take her place, so we must fight for our future and that of our children”, mentioned Diana Caraman.

The mayor of Taraclia city, Veaceslav Lupov, also urged the representatives of power to resign and to stop attacking the “SHOR” Party.

During the demonstration, people shouted in one voice: Marina, we are with you and applauded her for all she has done so far for Moldovan citizens. All those present at the demonstration announced that the protests will continue.

Some demonstrators decided to protest non-stop against the actions of the ruling regime and brought with them tents to set up in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office, but were detained by law enforcement officials. Orhei District chairman Dinu Turcanu announced that more than 150 tents had been taken away by the police.


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