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Important27 June 2022 15:30

Ilan Shor insists on the construction of small modular nuclear power plants, following the Romanian model

The “SHOR” party insists on the idea of building small modular nuclear power plants in the Republic of Moldova, a technology that would allow the production of affordable energy. The announcement was made by the leader of the “SHOR” Party, Ilan Shor, in a Facebook post and comes in the context of the US announcement that it will fund $14 million in design and engineering studies for the construction of such a plant in Romania.

Ilan Shor said he would propose a bill at the next session of parliament to set up a working group to examine the possibility of building small modular nuclear power plants in Moldova.

„The idea of building small modular power plants, which I have been insisting on for more than half a year, is already taking shape in Romania. The U.S. is offering $14 million to build Europe’s first mini-reactor plants in the neighboring country. I have been talking about the implementation of this type of technology since the beginning of this year, and I have insisted many times so far that the authorities should at least discuss the subject. But to no avail. And while the arrogant and incompetent people in the government in Chisinau do not even want to talk about it, in Romania things are moving with astonishing speed. Why Romania can and we can’t?”, wrote Ilan Shor.

According to Shor, such a power plant will soon be built a few hundred kilometers from the Republic of Moldova, in Doicesti, Dambovita county, where an innovative and safe technology will be implemented, allowing the supply of clean and affordable energy. According to him, ensuring energy independence, especially in today’s conditions, must become a national priority for the Republic of Moldova.

„ One of the main reasons behind the high prices for all products is energy and gas prices, which have reached record levels due to the incompetence of the PAS government. A hard winter awaits us. And we don’t know if it will be the first such winter in decades. The idea I am proposing will reduce the price of electricity by several times, and some people, such as pensioners, could be generally exempt from paying for electricity. In order to provide all the domestic consumption, we need three such plants, which would not only produce affordable electricity, but would allow us to get rid of the eternal problem of natural gas supply, because we could switch to electric heating systems, which is much safer and more convenient. Instead of dancing hora in Parliament, we’d better do something specific for people, offer them something tangible, not illusions and fantasies. Maybe it’s time to combine the atoms first, instead of building one’s hopes up. We can no longer depend on others. We have to ensure our energy and economic independence on our own.”, added Ilan Shor on Facebook.


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