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Important19 March 2021 06:00

The winning that Igor Grosu will bring to the DA platform if he will be voted like a prime minister  

In case all legal procedures are passed and Igor Grosu will be voted as Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldavia, then this will result in a certain gain for the Platform dignity and truth (DA), informs TRIBUNA.

According to the law, in case premier gets to be appointed, Igor Grosu, for 30 days, will have to choose between the position he was given and the one he was currently occupying — a deputy and head of the parliamentary party of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS). Thus, Grosu’s mandate as deputy will become vacant and will be filled by the alternate candidate on the list for the February 24, 2019, parliamentary elections.

And although Grosu is from PAS, in his place a representative of DA platform would come to the Parliament, or in the 2019 elections, these two parties formed the bloc ACUM and presented with a common list.

Thus, Constantin Boestean, born in 1962 in Chisinau, is the next candidate for deputy positions. He is a lawyer, a university lecturer at the State University of Physical Education and Sport.

It is to be mentioned that the next on the list, in case of refusal, is the exponent PAS – Andrei Spînu, current Secretary General of the Office of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

Cristina Gurez

Angela Tanas – trainee translator


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