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Breaking news27 April 2020 09:45

If number of COVID-19 infections does not increase, state of emergency will not be extended - Moldovan PM says

In Moldova, the state of emergency will not be extended if the dynamics of COVID-19 disease remains at current level. Prime Minister Ion Chicu made the statement today at the end of the weekly meeting with President Igor Dodon and Speaker Zinaida Grecianii.

A final decision on the state of emergency will be taken according to developments over the next two weeks. “I discussed with the country’s leadership about the actions after 15 May, when the state of emergency expires. If we keep the situation as it is now, the state of emergency will not be extended “, said Chicu.

He noted that lately the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Moldova has stabilized, and the high numbers recorded in recent days are due to massive outbreak testing. “The increase in active cases in 24 hours does not exceed 30-40 cases. This means that we are under prognosis, which allows us to manage the situation through our medical system “, said Chicu.

He said that today some restrictions have already been lifted for people and economic agents. Today, it is allowed to walk in parks in groups of no more than 3 people and specialized stores have been opened, except for markets and shopping malls. Tomorrow, public transport in the capital and in Balti will resume activity, and tax collectors will return to work.



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