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Breaking news20 October 2019 10:00

Association Promo – Lex registers more incidents within electoral process in Moldova

Association Promo – Lex has found, on Sunday, 20 October, more incidents in the electoral process. They were presented at a press conference by the head of programme of Promo – Lex, Pavel Postica.

Postica has reported that by 08:30 hours the mission received 56 incident reports from observers. Thus, they reported that a polling station was opened with a delay of 40 minutes due to the delay of the head of the electoral station. At the same time, there were highlighted 09 cases in which there were present advertising materials, posters or electoral panels within 100 m from the polling station premises, said Postica.

“We have three situations of improper sealing of ballot boxes. We have attested at least 07 cases in which the video cameras installed in the polling stations were not functional at the opening stage of sections, not because of error of electoral officials, but because the cameras were not functional themselves. The first shortcomings in the electoral lists found by the voters and reported by the observers are also: a voter according to SIAS Alegeri was rounded to another polling station, but according to the electoral rolls he was rounded in the polling station. Another voter was introduced by the operators in SIAS, but was not found on the electoral lists and was not given the right to vote. Also, a voter found the mistake in the electoral lists: the date of birth in the electoral list did not coincide with the date of birth in the identity card (ID). I mean purely technical aspects of list errors,” said Postica.

Other incidents reported by the observers of Promo – Lex include the unwarranted presence of unauthorised persons inside the polling station or within 100 m of it and disconnecting electricity at a polling station.



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