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Breaking news20 October 2019 10:25

Ion Ceban: I voted for a well-planned, beautiful, clean and modern city

The candidate of the Socialist Party for the mayoralty of the capital, Ion Ceban, says he has voted for a well-planned, beautiful, clean and modern city. “I voted for everybody in this city to be proud, I know that this is possible. I voted to bring about this change that we all expect, “said the candidate after exercising his right to vote, IPN reports.

According to him, this is a change for the better, and as a result the city of Chisinau will become the business card of the country. The candidate has said that now he will spend some time with his family, and then he will join his staff along with his colleagues.

Ion Ceban’s wife, Tatiana, said she voted for all children to have a prosperous future in their hometown, which they should admire and should not want to leave for other cities. “I voted for the man who, I know not from hearsay, will devote himself with all his soul, all his energy, all his efforts and all his knowledge so that this city is truly worthy of the pride and love of all the city dwellers”, said the candidate’s wife.

For general mayor of Chisinau municipality, 18 candidates are competing. As general mayor of Chisinau municipality shall be elected the candidate who has accumulated 50% + one vote. If none of the candidates manages to cross this threshold, the second round of elections is organized with the first two candidates, where the winner is the one who has accumulated the greatest number of votes.



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