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Important17 March 2019 10:00

TOP of the most experienced deputies in the new Parliament!

44 of the 101 deputies elected in the new Parliament have parliamentary experience. Some of them have even 8 years of experience in the Parliament. TRIBUNA has developed a conventional ranking on the topic.

1). Dumitru Diacov

In the new Parliament, the democrat Dumitru Diacov has the richest parliamentary experience, being the most “long-lived” deputy of all time. He is a deputy in the eighth parliamentary term of the ten. The Democrat is at his 21st year of the term. He started his parliamentary activity in 1994, a post held until 2001, but also from 2005 until now (with a pause of few months in 2009).

2). Vladimir Vitiuc

Another experienced deputy is the democrat Vladimir Vitiuc, being a deputy from 2005 until now. Thus, the Democrat for 14 years successively holds the chair of the deputy. It is worth mentioning that since January 2015, he also holds the post of Vice-President of Parliament.

 4). Angel Agache, Violeta Ivanov and Zinaida Greceanii

9 years of legislative experience have the democrats Angel Agache and Violeta Ivanov, and the socialist Zinaida Greceanîi. Angel Agahe and Violeta Ivanov were elected deputies in the elections on 5 April 2009  and retained their mandate also in this Parliament, and Zinaida Greceanîi came to Parliament after the elections of 29 July 2009, position preserved in the current Legislative.

5). Alexandru Oleinic, Igor Vremea, Sergiu Sîrbu, Andrian Candu, Oleg Sîrbu and Maria Ciobanu

Six Members of the current Legislative have 8 years of experience. Thus, Alexandru Oleinic was a deputy between 2001-2009, and in this Legislature he returned as an independent deputy. The democrat Igor Vremea was a deputy from 2009 to 2010, but also from 2011 to present. Democrat Sergiu Sirbu came to Parliament after the elections on November 2010, a position he has held so far. And the democrat Andrian Candu came to Parliament after the elections on November 2010, a post held until July 2014, taking a break of several months and came back in November 2014. From January 2015, he also holds the position of Speaker of Parliament. Maria Ciobanu came to Parliament after the elections on November 2010, a post held until 2014, after which her second term was validated on February 23, 2015, and retains her position in the current Parliament. Another experienced democrat is Oleg Sarbu, who holds the mandate from January to December 2010. He returned to Parliament in February 2011 and remains in office until now.

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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