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Exclusive22 February 2019 06:30

Mihai Godea: Our efforts are faced with party selfishness, not to say the usual stupidity

In an interview with the TRIBUNA portal, the leader of the party “Democratic action” Mihai Godea explained why the party does not participate in the elections to be held on February 24, 2019.

“We believe that the party in the Republic of Moldova should primarily pursue the national interest in the medium and long term. We remind that on December 2, 2018, we announced the mobilization of society for unification. We also announced two strategic objectives of the SDA in the elections of February 24, 2019: the return of unionism as a national doctrine and the prevention of fragmentation of the unionist electorate. The decision to participate in the elections was made at a time when unionist political forces were stuck either around the round tables or in the ACUM reception block, waiting for their permission to participate in the elections. This was proof of our readiness to participate in the process of uniting the unionist forces. Moreover, the SDA unreservedly supported the creation of a unified unionist political force capable of representing citizens advocating the reunification of Bessarabia with Romania. We believe that only together we can promote unionism”, he said.

“Our efforts are faced with party selfishness, not to say the usual stupidity that is inherent in our politicians. We warned back in the autumn that the fate of unionism in these elections is in the hands of unionist parties, which, unfortunately, made the worst possible decision – to go to the elections separately. In conditions when the unification of the Romanian right-wing have failed, the only solution was to step aside,” – said Mihai Godea.

Christina Pendea

Trainee-translator: Iulia Alexandriuc

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