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Breaking news15 January 2019 14:05

Moldovan PM demands more responsibility on behalf of state's institutions to enforce law on wage payment

The enforcement of the law on wage payment, deficiencies discovered and possibilities of removing them were considered at a today’s meeting chaired by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.   

According to the Finance Ministry, one month after the entrance into force of the law on wage payment in the public sector, a good deal of the public sector employees took their salaries, the others are to receive them during this week and about ten per cent of the institutions will pay the salaries during the next week.

The PM noted that the approval and enforcement of this law had been possible due to the increase in revenues to the state budget, which represents the result of the government’s work. “Statements reading that some people receive a lower salary than so far represent a lie. This law sees that nobody will get a lower salary than till present. And if this, nevertheless, happens, it is about a mistake by the accountant and the salary must be recalculated,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister appealed to all subordinated institutions to prove more responsibility and mobilization. “If there was more organization and mobilization, all public sector employees were to receive their salaries this week. Unfortunately, because of the accountants and heads of institutions, who preferred to rest instead of working, ten per cent of the public sector employees will get their salaries next week, till the end of the month,” Pavel Filip said.

According to the PM, after retouchings following the first month of the enforcement of the wage payment law, there will be a perfect mechanism, which will allow annually revising the salaries in the sense of their increase, depending on the level of inflation and the state’s financial capacities. “This law is a very important one and we have worked much on its elaboration. The law is meant to make proper order in the wage payment system and if some questions appear, they should not put into shade this very good law. We will make an analysis after the first salaries and if it will be necessary to intervene, we will intervene. So that we brush up the nuances left and the people feel the benefits of this law,” Pavel Filip underlined.

The new law on wage payment in the public sector entered into force on 1 December 2018.



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