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Breaking news24 July 2018 10:05

Members and sympathizers of National Resistance Movement protest at City Hall

Members and sympathies of the National Resistance Movement on July 24 mounted a protest in front of the Chisinau City Hall where the Chisinau Municipal Council was holing a meeting. They asked the local elected officials to include the transfer of the café “Guguta” from private ownerships under public ownership, so as to prevent the construction of a business center on its place, in the agenda. They also demanded that deputy mayor Nistor Grozavu should be dismissed as he is responsible for this transaction, IPN reports.

The protesters chanted: “Nastase is the mayor!”, “Grozavu resign!”, “We will not give up!”, “Return the stolen billions!”, “Shor in jail!”, “Freedom!”.

“Particular court decisions passed in favor of Plahotniuc (leader of the PDM, e.n.) and his firm enable this to build a business center in the Central Park of Chisinau, which is one of the most important parks in Moldova. This is inadmissible,” stated Andrei Nastase, whose election as mayor was not validated. He noted protesters’ demands  include the validation of the Chisinau mayoral elections, annulment  of the mixed electoral system and recovery of the stolen bank funds from the thieves, not from citizens.

The protesters were joined in by members of the permanent protest group OccupyGuguta. Vitalie Sprinceana, of the Urban Civic Network, said the Public Garden belongs to the city and the people have the right to decide what should happen to this. “We think it is not within the remit of the CMC and the judges to decide what can be built in that place. We are ready to hold a local referendum. We have the duty to defend the Public Garden. We must take it back, together with the city and the country,” stated Vitalie Spranceana.

Program director at the Center for Policies and Reforms Stefan Gligor said the people should struggle for their rights and the solution in the current situation is to mount a protest where the protesters come to institutions and do not leave until their demands are satisfied.

After protesting at the City Hall, the people marched to the head office of the Democratic Party that was guarded by dozens of police officers. They chanted ”Down with the mafia!”.

The representatives of the National Resistance Movement invited the people to protest in Ungheni on July 29 and in the central square of Chisinau on August 26.



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