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Breaking news20 May 2018 08:30

Dorin Chirtoaca: I voted for a correct relationship between mayor and his voters

Ex-mayor of Chisinau municipality Dorin Chirtoaca said he voted for a correct relationship between the mayor and his voters. He noted the mayor should be chosen by the people and should not be named against their will, IPN reports.

“I held mayoralty for ten years after being elected by the people. It wouldn’t have been right to allow others to abusively occupy the City Hall and to ignore the voters. That’s why we now have early elections and we must bring to an end the usurpation witnessed at the City Hall for a year. The residents should choose themselves their mayor,” stated Dorin Chirtoaca.

More than 5,000 people voted in Chisinau municipality by 8am. For the elections to be valid, the voter turnout should be of at least one fourth of the voters. The candidate who gains more than half of the votes wins the elections. If no one gathers the necessary number of votes, runoffs are held in two weeks for the two candidates who obtained most of the votes. If the elections are invalidated or nullified, they are rerun in two weeks based on the voter rolls and with the same candidates.



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