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Breaking news20 February 2018 10:20

SIS director resigns from office

Director of the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) Vitalie Pirlog has resigned.

An application in this regard was submitted to parliament.

Representative of the press service of the parliament Liliana Anghel confirmed the information.

Pirlog was proposed to this position by the parliamentary majority, and on 21 December his candidacy was supported by the parliament.

Pirlog is a jurist, specialized in International Law. During his career, he was a representative of the government to the ECHR, member of the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Steering Committee, member of the European Commission for Efficiency of Justice of the Council of Europe, member of the Committee of Experts for improvement of human rights protection procedures within the Council of Europe CDDH, head of the Moldovan delegation to the European Committee for criminal problems of the Council of Europe. Since April, he has held the position of chairman of the Interpol File Control Commission.

In 2006, Pirlog was appointed head of the Ministry of Justice, and on 14-25 September 2009 he held the post of acting premier of the country.

We will come back with details.



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