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Breaking news8 February 2018 15:02

National Integrity Authority of Moldova to have new structure

The national Integrity Authority (ANI) will have a new structure and a staff of 76 employees. The lawmakers today approved a draft decision to this effect by majority vote.  

According to the parliament’s decision, ANI will have a new corps of integrity inspectors who will check officials’ asset declarations and several subdivisions.

Thus, a security, audit and integrity control service will be created at ANI – a subdivision that will carry out measures of domestic security, will ensure the promotion of quality standards in the activity of control of integrity inspectors and observance of the norms of ethics and conduct.

The service will also assess the work of the integrity inspectors, will manage the service inquiries in which the latter are concerned, and will provide the internal audit of ANI.  The duties of the subdivision will also include control of the observance of the process of aleatory distribution of notifications, accessing personal data and databases at the disposal of integrity inspectors.

At the same time, the integrity inspectorate will work at ANI too. It will be in charge of the control of wealth, personal interests, incompatibilities and restrictions for ANI inspectors. The department for evaluation, prevention and implementation of policies, human resources and documentation department, financial and administrative department will work at ANI as well. To ensure the work and development of the automated information system E-Integritate (E-Integrity), decision-makers propose to set up an information technologies service and a cooperation and public relations service will be created to ensure transparency of the work and develop communication.

Under the parliament’s decision, state budget means will be earmarked to pay the salaries to the ANI employees.



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