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Important26 September 2017 13:32

Ilan Shor: Our main concern will be the eradication of corruption!

During his meeting with the activists of „SHOR” Party, his leader Ilan Shor made a number of important political statements. In particular, he urged party members to engage in the work of preparing for parliamentary elections and implementing their own country’s governance program. The support of this work, Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor, sees in the successful experience the team has gained in the city’s management.

Regarding the necessity to distribute programs and projects that proved to be good in Orhei, the leader of the “SHOR” party, noted that the party has its own well-developed program that answers the most pressing problems of the country and of society. The party has its own decisions on most of the acute issues.

Among the main priorities, Ilan Shor mentioned that the main concern will be the fight against corruption. He specifically mentioned: «And, of course, our main concern will be the eradication of corruption! Many talk about fighting corruption. But very few people are ready to come to an end on this issue.

I personally became the first to officially declare corruption in the highest echelons of power. The banking case, the bankruptcy of financial institutions, is precisely the result of corruption amongst the highest officials, including the Prime Minister, and businessmen close to him. These facts have been reported to investigative authorities and society. Unfortunately, this has created problems for me. Revenge, dirt and slander – that’s what awaits someone who will cause corruption. They’re trying to make me guilty in the case with the bank and about the „billion”. But judge yourself. If I were guilty, would I cooperate with the investigation? Would I expect arrests and persecutions? Would not it be easier for me to leave the country, spend the stolen funds in the warm regions ?!

But I’m here. With you. In our native Moldova. I know that I am not the culprit in the banking case but, on the contrary, the injured party, the victim of the wild corruption and the pressure of former senior officials. And I, as no one else am interested that the case to be taken to the end and that the perpetrators to be punished.

I will not stop. We do not stop! We will ensure that in Moldova corruption acts of officials of all levels become something unusual.»

Meetings with party activists began last week and took place in Orhei. There were hundreds of new party members from the villages in Orhei district. According to the representatives of the “SHOR” Party, it enjoys a rapid growth of the number of members within the Orhei district. Only in this region there are currently about 1000 members of political organizations headed by the Mayor of Orhei

The “SHOR” party is currently one of the political parties with the highest level of development. For two years, Ilan Shor’s team had a majority in the Orhei Municipal Council, and the leader himself convincingly won the election and entered the city’s leadership. The party became known in Orhei and in the country for its infrastructure and social projects. Ilan Shor’s team has begun to spread a range of projects to other regions of the country.

Cristina Pendea 


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