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Breaking news13 September 2017 14:30

At Orhei, budget-based workers and young families will benefit from social housing, without interest, for a term of 35 years

The Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor started the implementation of the “Social housing” program for public servants and young families from Orhei, who will benefit from their own dwelling, paying monthly a symbolic rate of only 500 lei for 35 years without interest.

Through this project, Ilan SHOR, aims to support low-income families and, in particular, to motivate young specialists working in Orhei budget sector.

Construction works were initiated on a 6,000 square meter plot of land, located in the “Nordic” sector of Orhei municipality, where 20 houses of the type “townhouse” will be built.

The first house will be put into operation on City’s Day, November 8, and new residents will meet New Year’s Eve in their own home.

The apartments will have a hall, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Moreover, each family will have a separate entrance, as well as a private yard with a land of 260 square meters, and if necessary and according to the preferences, the owners will be able to expand their residential area.

According to a preliminary study carried out by the team of the Mayor of Orhei, the decision to build houses with a small number of flats, “Townhouse” type, fits perfectly into the urban and architectural plan of the city.

The social houses are build according to a modern technology with the use of the highest-quality materials, which implies low costs and their build in a short term.

Also, dozens of professional workers are involved in finalizing the works.

According to a study by the specialists in the field, the main feature of the dwellings is their accessibility to young families and workers in the budget sector, and the financing program is unique in our country and advantageous, which will allow new owners to redeem their home without damages to the family’s budget by paying a monthly rate of 500 lei for 35 years, without interest.

Present at the launching event, the Mayor Ilan SHOR mentioned that: “in Orhei we offer the most affordable social housing in the country, without interest and with a monthly rate of only 500 lei for 35 years.

The Mayor also mentioned that the purpose of this program is to support young specialists working in Orhei budget sector.

“We hope that with the launch of this program we will combat the migration phenomenon of the population and, of course, this project will contribute to the development of the city’s economy. Thanks to this project we will attract new specialists in the budgetary sector and we will transform Orhei into an attractive city with opportunities for development for the future of young people. Moreover, this project guarantees a bright future and prosperous development of Orhei city. And, of course, we are glad that thanks to this program we help young people and workers in the budget sector to realize their dream of having their own home” pointed the Mayor.

Social housing will be allocated according to a regulation, which will be approved by the Municipal Council of Orhei.

The project “Social housing” presented earlier this year along with other priorities of the team of the Mayor Ilan SHOR, is another social project implemented in Orhei municipality, which comes to support the young families and workers in the budget sector of Orhei.

Cristina Pendea 


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