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Important9 September 2022 12:10

Prime Minister: I want that, in 3-4 years, we look back and can say that the decisions taken now were been beneficial...

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita has received on visit representatives of the Romanian Investors’ Association (AIR).

According to the government’s communication and protocol department, the discussions’ agenda was complex and comprised important subjects concerning the advancement of the Moldovan-Romanian cooperation through ensuring the continuity of investment projects underway and the initiation of new mutually advantageous projects in strategic sectors, such as the one of economy, infrastructure, agriculture and IT.

„We are happy with an absolute openness on behalf of the Bucharest authorities and we enjoy a very good collaboration and friendship relation with the government of Romania. The results and visible in all fields of interaction,’’ the PM said.

The sides discussed the present regional and international context, as well as the developments on the world stage which hit the march of things on both banks of Prut. The investors set forth the problems faced at this point.

The prime minister informed the investors about the cabinet’s vision for short, medium and long terms, in order to cope with all crises, to create friendly conditions for the business environment and enhance the capacity of attracting investments in Moldova.

„Along with my colleagues from the government, I ruled to dedicate September to business, so that we ensure the preservation and increase in the number of jobs and lay solid foundations for recovery and economic growth. I want us to focus on the elaboration of solutions due to support those who persisted in doing business in Moldova, as well as to remind about the actions already undertaken by the cabinet to overcome the economic and social difficulties on this period. I want that, in 3-4 years, we look back and can say that the decisions taken now were been beneficial for our economy, which is well-anchored in the European area,’’ the prime minister noted.

Presently, 1,562 enterprises with Romanian capital are registered in Moldova. Thus, Romania ranks second among the principal investors in Moldova, in terms of the value of the capital invested, with the figure of investments amounting to about six billion lei.



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