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Important26 July 2022 14:11

Open letter of the "SHOR" Party to national and international bodies: In particular, we draw attention to deliberate "leaks" in the press

The “SHOR” Party has sent an open letter to the diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova, as well as to international organizations that monitor observance of human rights and democratic processes, to take a stand on the abuses and unconstitutional deviations committed by the ruling party – PAS in relation to the parliamentary opposition.

The party led by Ilan Shor draws particular attention to the video recordings of a working meeting of the party, which appeared in the press, following deliberate “leaks” designed to mislead the public. According to representatives of the “SHOR” Party, this recording confirms that members, activists and partners with whom the party collaborates are being illegally monitored, including when they are in their private space.

We present below the full letter:

„To the attention of diplomatic missions accredited to the Republic of Moldova and international organisations monitoring the observance of human rights and democratic processes

Hereby, the “SHOR” Political Party raises an alarm about the abuses and unconstitutional deviations committed by the ruling party of the Republic of Moldova, PAS, in relation to the parliamentary opposition.
In particular, we draw attention to deliberate “leaks” in the press, designed to mislead public opinion and to create misleading in society in order to justify abusive behaviour towards our party leaders. In particular, we are talking about a working meeting of the party, which was attended by third parties and had nothing to do with the criminal case itself, which was improperly used in this scandal. Moreover, this information was distorted and misrepresented in order to manipulate public opinion.
In addition, it is clear that the videos were made without the knowledge of those present and ended up being used to denigrate people who have no involvement in the case. The very fact that this video recording exists confirms that members and activists of the “SHOR” Party, as well as some partners with whom the party collaborates on various dimensions deriving from its political activity, are being illegally taped, including when they are in their private space.
What is more serious is that the General Prosecutor’s Office and the NAC are behind these illegal actions, yet the head of the NAC himself, Iulian Rusu, has indirectly admitted that these images come from them and that he has several similar, allegedly compromising recordings.
These illegal and blatantly biased actions confirm that the General Prosecutor’s Office and the NAC, as well as other state institutions, which should be independent, according to the Constitution and all international norms, are used eminently for political purposes and in the exclusive interest of the ruling party. The aim of these abuses is to annihilate all opposition in society and to intimidate or silence all those who are not in the government’s pocket and who wish to be free and independent in their opinions and actions, whether public or private.
The fact that party meetings and confidential discussions are monitored and the information reaches political opponents is a very serious fact in itself, because in this way the ruling party uses state resources to illegally get hold of information about the activity and internal organisation of its political competitors. In common terms, these actions are defined as political police, which is specific only to dictatorial regimes, because they flagrantly violate the principles of fair competition and honest competition in the fight for power in accordance with democratic rules and principles.
Moreover, the PAS government, accompanied by the representatives of law enforcement institutions, captured in corpore by the political factor, openly admit that all these repressive measures, including criminal cases and arrests of leaders of the party, are aimed at an eminently political goal, namely to outlaw the “SHOR” Party. In this case, we are talking about a classic political grudge against an opposition force and not an act of justice, as such extreme decisions can only be taken following a fair trial and a final and irrevocable court ruling. However, when political power demands, and the prosecutor’s office and the courts carry it out to the letter, such trials cannot be described as an act of justice, but as an abuse of power.
However, we see that, in the case of the “SHOR” Party, it is the political power that gives verdicts and issues sentences, and the institutions of law do nothing more than legally wrap this will. An act of justice which is precisely in the interests of the party which holds all the power in the state and which publicly declares its intentions in relation to political opponents automatically becomes unfair and lacks credibility. The public release of illegally obtained video recordings, which were then manipulated and adapted to the context, is part of the same scenario, and their sole purpose is to convince the public, through manipulative methods, that the ‘SHOR’ Party must be outlawed, which is the ultimate goal of the government.
We therefore call on all bodies, national and international, that defend and promote fundamental human rights and freedoms to take note of these abuses and illegalities and treat them as such. Furthermore, we ask the press and civil society not to be drawn into these dirty games and not to be party to these illegalities. We note with regret that today the Republic of Moldova has become an anti-democratic and totalitarian state, and its institutions are nothing more than mere instruments of repression against its own citizens. This blatantly contradicts the official rhetoric of the current power and highlights its true intentions, which are the complete opposite of what it has declared.
Chisinau, July 26th, 2022.”


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