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Important21 July 2022 07:00

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita in Washington has met Moldovans settled in the United States

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita in Washington has met Moldovans settled in the United States. The discussions were focused on challenges faced by Moldova in the present global context and the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the priority sectors for the country’s development.     

In this respect, Natalia Gavrilita referred to the cabinet’s actions aimed at diminishing the impact of the crises triggered by the armed conflict. She noted that, besides their management, the authorities had managed to fulfill the promises and objectives included in the government’s action programme.

Thus, the status of country candidate for accession to the European Union was got – an achievement expected by the citizens which will bring considerable changes in the process of Moldova’s modernization. Also, the leadership undertook a string of social measures, such as the increase in the minimum pension and minimum salary, providing compensations for natural gas and energy resources, reformation of the social assistance programme. At the same time, the European Village state programme for financing infrastructure projects in Moldova’s settlements was launched, the subsidization fund in agriculture was increased by 60 per cent and the fund for backing small- and medium enterprises grew by almost three times.

According to the prime minister, the reforms will continue and subjects on enhancing the country’s energy resilience and reforming the justice sector remain on the cabinet’s agenda. At the same time, the government will insist on actions due to encourage the citizens from abroad to return to Moldova. The cabinet of ministers has recently approved a draft which provides for the Diaspora’s exemption from taxes on personal use assets and of a transport means.

„Everything which we have made so far and continue to do at present has the final goal to improve the living standards for our people, create conditions necessary for the Diaspora citizens to return to Moldova. We need you at home, in order to invest together in our country’s European future,’’ Natalia Gavrilita said.

The participants in the event welcomed he measures undertaken by the Moldovan authorities, voicing hope that the dialogue between the government and the Diaspora would continue and the citizens settled abroad would be able to contribute to Moldova’s transformation.


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